Vivafit - Shbam

Vivafit - Les Mills SH'BAM


Type of Exercise
Calories Burned
Increased Metabolism
30 minutes
Medium intensity activity with very funny and uncomplicated dance moves
350 calories average
3 to 5 hours after workout
Burns calories; Tones and models; Improves coordination; improves self-confidence and sensuality

SH'BAM ™ proves that dancing is not just for natural born dancers! These are simple and modern steps that require no previous dance practice. With super popular remixed music hits, from "What a Feeling," theme song to Flashdance, Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas and Beyoncé hits to latin icons like "Rythm of the Night." It is to end definitely the fears of participating in rhythm classes.

SH'BAM™ Fitness

SH'BAM ™ Fitness

SH'BAM™ Benefits

1. Increase strength and endurance with a cardiovascular workout
2. Flexibility and balance will also be improved with a sense of well-being.

SH'BAM™ Fitness

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