Vivafit - BodyBalance

Vivafit - Les Mills Body Balance


Type of Workout
Calories burned
Increased Metabolism
30 minutes
Low intensity; inspired in Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates
280 calories average
Until 1-4 hours after the session
Improves flexibility and joints; Tones up and Models,  Enables a well-being state

Body Balance is, like Body Vive, a group exercise program, accompanied by music, developed by Les Mills - the world leader in group-class systems.

It's a class that combines Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates in a calm and balanced workout, where strength and flexibility are the challenge. Concentration, breathing control, carefully structured flexibility exercises, movements and postures framed in music, create a holistic training that "transports" the body to a state of balance and harmony.


The Body Balance class has the duration of 35 min.
There are two class formats: one focused on strength work and another focused on flexibility / mobility.
The lesson should be done without the use of tennis, that is, barefoot without socks, allowing in this way a strengthening of all the structures of the feet, thus improving all the alignment and body posture.

Body Balance Benefits:

1. Well-being Improvements
2. Improvements in flexibility and mobility
3. Development of coordination and balance
4. Reducing stress levels
5. Increased ability to relax and soothe

Find in Body Balance a class that will take you on a journey through emotions, a discovery of unforgettable “pleasures”, to the sound of wonderful music.

Body Balance will undoubtedly change the way you live and feel on a daily basis.

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