Vivafit - Tone

Vivafit - Les Mills BOBYVIVE


Type of Exercise
Calories Burned
Increase Metabolism
30 minutes
Complete workout of strength, cardio and core
350 calories average
Until 4-7 hours after the session
Weight loss, increasing muscle definition, improving cardiovascular health reduces stress.


O LES MILLS TONE™ is a complete workout of strength, cardio and core.

It was designed to break barriers and give you the freedom to train your own way.

Tone ™


With options for all levels of physical condition, it covers all the pillars of functional training, being a complete and inclusive training, that will make the student feel integrated and energetic.

 Tone™ Benefits

1. Increased balance.
2. Tone and more muscle strength.
3. More agility.
4. Increased flexibility.

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