Vivafit - Pilates

Vivafit - Pilates


Type of Exercise
Calories Burned
Increased Metabolism
45 minutes
Slow or medium intensity; streches and strength in the abs and back
240 calories average
Until 1-4 hours after the session
Tones and strengthens the muscles of the abdominals and back; Aligns and improves posture; Focuses the mind and raises the level of consciousness

Flat tummy and stronger back

Pilates is an exercise program to strengthen your body and turn it structurally more efficient.

Struture is the keyword

The focus of Pilates is to strengthen the core muscles, that is, the muscles that surround and support your torso, so you will feel in shape and with a better posture to face the demanding world of today.  Many exercise programs focus on developing the strength of other muscles through weight training, bicycle exercise, etc. Pilates, by contrast, develops the entire body, giving it a more elongated, aligned and strong aspect.
You can even practice some Pilates techniques while driving, working, waiting in the supermarket, or watching television.
Today's life demands too much from our bodies, nowadays many of us spend too many hours leaning over a very tall desk or sitting in front of a computer with our bodies leaning forward to read or write. Due to this fact, we adopt a stance that atrophies and compresses the spinal muscles, weakens the pelvic floor muscles and prevents flowing breathing. It is a demanding lifestyle on a physical and emotional level.
The Pilates Method can teach you how to deal with the negative effects by teaching the body to train better, making muscles longer and stronger, improving above all, physical condition and emotional well-being.

It's not just a program, it's a lifestyle.Pilates brings benefits well beyond improving strength and well-being.

You can do it almost everywhere and anytime.

Made for anyone from dancers to people with injuries or physical disabilities.

Vivafit Pilates Studio

Principles of Pilates Method

1. Concentration 

Many exercises lead you to "disconnect" from the outside world, concentrating only on the movements of your body. The Pilates Method is a Mind & Body technique that requires focus on the body. You should block your outer thoughts and focus only on the exercises.

2. Breathe

Proper breathing is essential in Pilates, although it may be the most complicated part to master. The better the breath control, the more effects Pilates will have on itself. Breathing should drive the movement, not vice versa.

3. Centralization

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, the right type of exercise will deeply develop muscle strength so as to help you sit down properly and avoid spinal problems. When you practice Pilates, you focus on the center of your body. This way you will be developing core strength.

4. Control

Controlled, fluid and slow movements is the key of Pilates, each movement is smooth until the next. In this way you develop physical and mental control, you will have a body awareness like never before.

5. Precision

For dancers, accuracy is not only desired but essential for their physical safety, each movement and the entire sequence of movements will have to be perfectly coordinated, otherwise they risk failure or even injury. We are not all dancers, but Pilates teaches us to move in a way to avoid fatigue and pain.

6. Movement

Pilates is a continuous circle of interrelated movements, all flowing from one to the next. Pilates can be combined with other types of exercises, thus insuring that it uses all the muscles.

7. Isolation

In Pilates, "isolation" is the mental exercise of identifying the sensation of each muscle group. This is the only way to strengthen weaker muscles and harmonize the entire muscular structure.

8. Routine

Take some time each day to do Pilates exercises, just like you take time to shower, get dressed, get ready to work. Give as much attention to your muscles as it gives your hair, its beauty, your body will reward it with better agility - both mentally and physically.

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