Personal Training



What is it?

Personal training is a workout concept that enables a personalized planning and tracking, more engaging and with faster results. The workout sessions are one (trainer) o one (member). It offers a careful planning of the physical exercise by the professional, attending to the characteristics, needs and specific objectives of each member.

For whom?

Recommended to all - healthy population, clinic population, athletes, etc.. It's an amazing alternative for those who:

• Want a more active lifestyle with the practice of regular physical exercises but don't know how to start;
• Tried unsuccessfully everything to lose weight or achieve a specific objective;
• Have a clinical pathology;
• Seek to obtain the the maximum performance in their workouts;
• Feel unmotivated to workout alone.


 - Personalized workout and fast results: Oriented towards one's specific characteristics, through the personalized workout it will be easier and faster to achieve the objectives. The know-how of a personal trainer will potentiate the workout sessions, through different stimuli and work methodologies, in the case of people who have been working out for a long time and cannot achieve results. For Beginners it will be a accompanied learning of the specific workout plan.

 - Allows the correction of errors: under the supervision of the personal trainer the technical execution errors will be corrected, favoring postural correction in order to avoid harmful postural patterns and lesions.

 -It's safer: the intensity and volume of the workout are based on the knowledge of the trainer, taking into account your physical condition and type of objectives that you intends to achieve.

 - It is easily quantifiable: the period reevaluations of the bodily composition and physical skills allow the assessment of the evolution of all the parameters and readjustments of the workouts according to the outlined objectives.

 - More motivating: the personal trainer will avoid the routines and monotony of the workout sessions, diversifying the exercises and inspiring you to continue.

 - It is more adjustable to the available time: each workout session is scheduled according to your availability. Together, you will find strategies to manage the time, finding the necessary routines to achieve results.


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