Vivafit Sbarre



Type of Exercise
Calories Burned
Increased Metabolism
30 to 45 minutes
An exclusive Vivafit class inspired by such modalities as Ballet, Pilates and Yoga and where a ballet bar is used as support and small equipment such as elastics or balls.
240 calories average
Until 4-7 hours after the work out
Have a ballerina body, toned, elongated and well defined mainly in areas you want to work: glutes, abs and legs.



With SBarre - Shape It you will feel like a ballerina and see the results of a fitness workout.

SBarre is a class designed to shape and tone your body.

Inspired by modalities such as Ballet, Pilates and Yoga, its main objective is to be a class where the buttocks, abdominals and legs are toned, shaping the body like a dancer.

In SBarre classes, a typical ballet bar is used as support, where isometric training is performed, essentially isometric and with many repetitions using body weight or adding little external load. Also used are elastic bands, balls and dumbbells of 1kg to vary the intensity and print variety in training.


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