Vivafit - Burn it

Vivafit Burn It


Type of Exercise
Calories Burned
Increased Metabolism
30 minutes
Interval workout
Up to 420 calories - Burn It Cardio
Up to 350 calories - Burn It Strength
Until 4-7 hours after the session
Loose weight and define your muscles, increase your cardiovascular endurance and energy; improve your bone density


Burn It Women

It's a 30-minute class designed to respond to a woman's immediate needs, that is, help with muscle toning and weight loss.
Inspired by the new High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) interval training sessions, BURN IT uses body weight or equipment such as shin guards, elastics, dumbbells, kettlebells, and strength and cardio training. Burn It comes in two formats, Burn It Strength and Burn It Cardio (HIIT), two separate 30-minute classes: Strength Training, where the legs, buttocks and abdominal area are exercised, and Cardiovascular Training where it is exercised the entire trunk, namely the lower back, abdomen and arms.

Combining these two classes, the results will be visible in only ten sessions, at a frequency of two trainings per week, which is equivalent to one and a half months of classes.
Altogether, in a BURN IT class of strength it is possible to lose up to 300 kilocalories, while in a BURN IT cardiovascular class it is possible to lose up to 420 kilocalories.
In addition to the method innovation, BURN IT will function as a group training, designed for a maximum of ten people, where the instructor will follow closely the evolution of each student, helping them reach their objectives in an individualized way, but with the motivation of a collective training.
BURN IT will help in toning, fat loss and metabolic acceleration, bringing great improvements to the woman's cardiovascular system.

Burn It Cardio

A high intensity class to strengthen the trunk, lower back, abdominals and arms.
Inspired by HIIT training and calisthenics (body weight only), it aims to be an advanced tool in achieving fast and consistent results in weight loss and muscle toning of the back, arms and core using the latest training protocols.

Diga adeus à celulite e ao stress com apenas 30 minutos por dia

Burn It Strength

A high intensity class to tone buttocks, abs and legs.
It aims to be an advanced tool in obtaining fast and consistent results in muscle toning of the legs, buttocks and core, using the latest training protocols.

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