Vivafit - Zumba


Type of Exercise
Calories Burned
Increased Metabolism
30 minutes
Dance class with simple and easy to learn exercises with an average intensity
300 to 500 kcal
3 to 5 hours after the session
Caloric expenditure, increased cardiovascular resistance, increased motor coordination and confidence

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Zumba® classes include exotic rhythms combined with Latin and international music, full of energy. Before you know it you will be in shape and with a high energy level. It's easy, effective and really exciting.

There are more than twenty different rhythms - salsa, merengue, samba, calypso, reggaeton, hip hop, flamenco, rumba, and many more; where we work on cardiovascular endurance while burning calories!
A Zumba class is ideal for those who like to dance and want to have fun while losing weight. Anyone can do, regardless of age, weight and physical condition.


Zumba is party! 

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